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5 Reasons You Should Want To Be A Student Officer At Staffs

The time is coming for our new batch of Student Officers to step forward into the Union Space and do some amazing things. You could be one of them.

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1. It looks amazing on your CV.

Your CV could already look good, but it'd look even better when you're telling everyone you were a Student Officer at your Union.

2. You get paid for doing it.

Money is both a good and evil premise. But you need it to be able to do most things, so having a yearly salary for your time as an Officer is awesome.

3. You get to help change things on a National scale.

You can be Staffordshire University's Obama. Help change things both on campus and nationally.

4. You get training for just being a candidate.

Even if you're not successful in being an officer, you receive training during your campaign and get to do the campaign too. Even though you might not have been successful you can still use that to improve your CV.

5. You get to lead a multi-million pound charity organisation.

This means you'll help to make financial and operational decisions that will affect the whole organisation and be the person everyone turns to when they want to know what is best for students.

Nominate yourself to take part in the Leadership Race here

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