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    While You Were Out: Uganda Puts The "Kill The Gays" Bill Back On The Table

    The bill is back on the legislative table, new research shows it might get better for teens, and majority of Americans wants the BSA to drop it's anti-gay policies in this morning's LGBT news.

    1) Uganda puts the “Kill The Gays” bill back on the table.

    And it's still as bad as before. "Contrary to some reports that it had been removed, the death penalty clause is still in the draft of the bill accessible to the public."

    2) The family of the Ugandan couple that married in Sweden is being harassed back at home.

    "Members of Sserwadda’s family have been harassed in Uganda since the news was published online.

    "They basically blamed me being gay and me bringing shame on Uganda on her," Sserwadda said.

    1) John Scalzi raised nearly $50,000 for LGBT charities in his 'Counteract a Bigot Drive.'

    The author responded to Internet trolls by pledging $5 to gay and civil rights charities every time he receives abuse.

    2) New research says it does get better for teens.

    "In the study, which questioned lesbian, gay, bisexual and straight youth about being bullied at ages 13 and 14, less than 10% reported being bullied at ages 19 and 20."

    3) Majority of U.S. voters would like the BSA to drop it's anti-gay policies.

    "The Quinnipiac University poll, which surveyed 1,772 people by telephone between 30 January and 4 February, found that 55% of people thought the BSA should lift the ban, whilst only 33% thought the ban should be retained."

    1) Brendon Ayanbadejo thinks it's time to pave the way for the gay Jackie Robinson.

    “Just like Jackie, the breakthrough gay athlete will be a courageous individual going it alone in uncharted territory. But, also like Jackie, he will have backup — and hopefully more of it,” he writes.

    2) Marco Rubio is walking a fine line on LGBT rights.

    "He still supports limiting marriage to one man and one woman, though, and did not commit to any action to advance LGBT equality."

    1) Enjoy Belgian model Cédric Andries of Colby Models in the series "Room 2202."

    2) Bonus: He is one of the 8 models hotter than that Calvin Klein guy.

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, "Same Love"

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