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    Posted on Sep 25, 2012

    The RomComs Of The 2012 Election

    A new site re-imagines what familiar movies would look like if they were about Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

    Working Girl / Via

    "A loveable billionaire learns the hard way, that staying home and taking care of five boys isn’t what it’s cracked up to be."

    Green Card / Via

    "A dreamy billionaire reminds the world that the United States is a nation of immigrants, then immediately has that nation deported."

    The Back-Up Plan / Via

    "A billionaire’s running mate puts his time and effort towards maintaining his seat in Congress while the rest of the world watches his vice president chances slip away."

    Spanglish / Via

    "A tan billionaire discovers that life would be so much better if he was less latino and more latin-yes."

    50 First Dates / Via

    "An indecisive billionaire can’t quite figure out the right way to introduce himself to a group of people called 'America.'"

    No Strings Attached / Via

    "An orator billionaire declares his love for country and promises to restore America’s promise without committing to any details."

    It's Complicated / Via

    "A foolish billionaire discovers that corporations are people too, but then he falls in love with one."

    Must Love Dogs / Via

    "An eccentric billionaire sets out to find himself on a summer vacation with his family, his station wagon and his dog Seamus tied to the roof."

    Definitely, Maybe / Via

    "A fickle billionaire knows one thing for certain– he can’t make up his mind on all the things that matter."

    The Ugly Truth / Via

    "A privileged billionaire struggles between being himself and being who everyone else wants him to be."

    (Check out more suggested titles at RomCom2012.)

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