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    The 8 Most Ridiculous Lindsay Lohan Quotes From The New York Times Magazine's "Canyons" Story

    This is what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie.

    1. Lindsay trying to reassure the director Paul Schrader that she wouldn't turn on him like she did with the cast and crew of "Liz & Dick."

    2. Lindsay discussing what's "formative" to her character, Tara.

    3. Lindsay (in July) discussing what's next after "The Canyons" wraps.

    4. After already being fired from the film once before, Lindsay threatens the director after he reprimands her during a take.

    5. Lindsay shouting to no one in between takes.

    6. Lindsay chastising co-star James Deen for fighting with the director.

    7. Lindsay, unaware her mike was on, commenting on her life as it currently stands.

    8. Lindsay reflecting on her future.

    Visit The New York Times for the rest of the Stephen Rodrick's compelling profile of The Canyons.

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