The 4 B’s Of The Super Bowl

The gay essentials: Bey, Bros, Butts and Branding.

If you’re not into the game itself, here are 4 things to watch for on Sunday:

1) Beyoncé

We all know that Queen B is headlining the halftime show.

And let’s be honest, she’s the fiercest thing to ever touch a pigskin.

Besides, we all saw what Madge did last year…

…And certainly, it gets better.

She alone should be enough to get you through the first half.

2) Bros

On the Ravens side, there is Brendon Ayanbadejo, a gay rights advocate.

Who happens to look amazing shirtless.


Safety Ed Reed brings the swagger.

Here he is again with teammate Ray Lewis.

And how could anyone overlook Dennis Pitta?

More of a 49ers fan? There’s Alex Smith, who has that All-American look.

And is the epitome of “bro.”

And even though he’s benched, we can always fantasize about him and Colin Kaepernick.

Then there’s this god among men, Vernon Davis.

(Pictured on the right with his brother Vontae.)

Seriously, just look at him.


If you like your men older, there are the coaches. Jim Harbaugh is easy on the eyes.

Bonus: He’s the dreamboat from “Saved By The Bell.”

On other side of the field is his brother, John. (He’s the feisty one.)

3) Butts

It’s no secret that NFL players have an interest in jockstraps.

And great asses to fill them.

But they can be used against them.

Some players just skip the underwear altogether.

And that would be a welcome surprise on game day.

4) Branding

The hot guys aren’t limited to the field. And companies aren’t afraid to exploit them.

Just ignore any offensive stereotypes…

…And enjoy the eye candy.

And it wouldn’t be a shock if one of our queens appeared.

I mean, who doesn’t like watching Betty White rough it up?

And for those who need a little more, there’s always…

5) Beards

(Paul Kruger of the Ravens.)

7) and a little Broadway

Finally, if you actually want to learn more about the game…

Check out BuzzFeed Sports for ongoing Super Bowl coverage.

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