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    State Marriage Site Posts 25 Ridiculous Reasons To Oppose Marriage Equality

    The campaign makes (and then deletes) a desperate last ditch effort as voters decided whether to support marriage equality in the state of Maine.

    As Mainers head to the booths to cast their vote on marriage equality, one state campaign group made a last ditch effort to sway voters.

    On November 5th, the site posted "25 reasons to preserve to traditional marriage." It appeared to be a seemingly simple, yet effective way to encourage people to vote against gay marriage in their state. (Hey, BuzzFeed likes lists!) But what the author claimed was "a compilation of the best arguments for preserving man/woman marriage" ended up being a alarming number of falsities and questionable facts that seemed to miss the point of his entire campaign.

    Jeremy Hooper ( managed to grab a cache of the site before the list was removed. Check out this "best of" list below: