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Queerty Reveals LOL And Meme Of The Year

BuzzFeed is proud to announce the winners of the user-voted contests that pitted the best of the Internet against itself for the 2012 Queerties.

Over the past month, users voted for on everything from their favorite celebs to shows and political leaders to sports stars, many of whom were prominent for making a difference in the battle for equality.

Meme of the Year: Born This Way Blog

Los Angeles-based DJ, Paul V, uses the Lady Gaga title track's namesake for a powerful blog to document how gender and sexuality may have nothing to do with traits displayed by children.

The creator of the blog explains that “some of the pix here feature gay boys with feminine traits, and some gay girls with masculine traits ... And just like real life, these gay kids come in all shades and layers of masculine and feminine."

The goal of the blog - and the just released book - is to teach children that being gay is as normal as being straight by showing people just "being."

LOL of the year: Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang

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During a vacation to the UK, all-around Internet user, Tyler Oakley, met up with the ridiculously cute twins, Finn and Jack, to teach them some gay slang. They returned the favor by teaching him some British slang.

Other Winners

Stop the Presses: President Obama for his support of marriage equality

Top Jock: Ben Cohen for promoting equality in the sports world

Straight Crush of the Year: Glee's Darren Criss

Favorite "Drag Race" Queen: Latrice Royale

Coming Out of the Year: Anderson Cooper

Check out all the winners at Queerty.