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    Q&A With James Wolk, Star Of "Political Animals"

    BuzzFeed chatted with the television star about working with Sigourney Weaver, his stint on Happy Endings and what makes him 'LOL.'

    James Wolk plays Doug Hammond, Elaine Barrish's son and Chief of Staff, alongside Sigourney Weaver, Ellen Burstyn, Carla Gugino and Sebastian Stan. The miniseries airs Sundays at 10pm/9c on USA Network.

    This is the second time you've worked with Sigourney Weaver. (The two previously starred in the movie, You Again.) What has it been like working with her?

    Working with Sigourney Weaver is like dropping in a Yale drama school for a day... As a young actor it's such a joy and honor to do so.

    Robin Marchant / Getty Images

    Sebastian Stan, Sigourney Weaver and James Wolk attend USA Network's Political Animals screening in New York City.

    You were a huge hit (as Max's boyfriend) on Happy Endings. Any plans to return to the show?

    I loved working on Happy Endings. I have a great relationship with those guys and it was one of those experiences that I think we all hope there's room for more in the future. And we are definitely open to that.

    It's such a great show by the way, I have to say I loved working on it. It was a blast.

    Who did you enjoy kissing more: Adam Pally (Max on Happy Endings or Brittany Ishibashi (Anne, Doug's fiancée on Political Animals)?

    [Laughs] They're both great kissers.

    Do you have interest in doing more comedy?

    Yeah. I love doing comedy as well as drama. It's the variety that's what makes acting so exciting for me personally. Actually I have a film coming out, For A Good Time Call… with a bunch of great comedic actors, that's coming out next month [September 7th, 2012].

    That was a joy. I really look forward to doing more comedy.

    Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

    Actress Mimi Rogers, actress Sugar Lyn Beard, director Jamie Travis, screenwriter/actress Lauren Miller, actress Ari Graynor and actor James Wolk attend 'For A Good Time, Call' Dinner Party in Park City, Utah.

    What made you return to Twitter after two years off?

    When I initially joined Twitter, I was encouraged to do so and I didn't really have a full grasp on how to do it correctly. I'm not the best at social media - I'm the first to admit.

    As Political Animals was kicking off, my girlfriend said to me "I think you really need get back on Twitter." ...I finally did it. I've actually really enjoyed it. It's been a great way to connect with fans and be a part of the conversation that's taking place.

    What is something that always makes you LOL?

    I think it's always funny when someone says something completely outlandish but not on purpose. They're trying to say something serious or trying to act normal but they either switch two words or their ideas don't come out right and they're just left sitting there looking kind of silly.

    I think it's so funny when people do that because I think everyone's trying to be so stooge all the time and it's great when there's a natural break in that. And it always makes me crack up.

    What's been the biggest WIN in your acting career so far?

    I would say Political Animals. It's such a great show and I'm so excited for everyone to watch it. It's just amazing and the cast kicks ass.

    What is something that makes you GEEK out?

    My dog [a shepherd lab mix, pictured below] -- I have a dog and when I'm around [her] I do weird voices and all sorts of embarrassing things that I wouldn't want the public to see.