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    Jul 10, 2012

    Lindsay Lohan Gets To Work On "The Canyons"

    The starlet sparked a media frenzy when Bret Easton Ellis announced via Twitter that she had been cast in the lead role of his new, sex thriller. While her reps never confirmed her part in the movie, she's been spotted with co-star James Deen and in pre-production meetings.

    Lindsay meets her co-star

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    Almost two weeks after the casting news, Lindsay was spotted sharing a smoke with porn actor and future co-star, James Deen. They met during a dinner with Bret Easton Ellis and another friend.

    James will play the lead male, Christian, a trust fund kid, power player and major manipulator, who is a film producer that enjoys filming his own three-way sex sessions. Meanwhile, Lindsay is Tara, his girlfriend and former model.

    She dyes her hair in preparation for the film

    Less than 24 hours after wrapping Liz & Dick, Lindsay returned to being a red head. She tweeted the new look on the 4th of July.

    Lindsay is spotted with James

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    That evening she was spotted with Deen at Shore Bar. Days prior, James refuted rumors that him and Lindsay were sleeping together. Yet, their appearances out together led others to speculate otherwise.

    She attends pre-production meetings

    On Saturday, July 7th - prior to the first day of filming - Lindsay joined her cast members and director Paul Schrader for rehearsal. In the picture above, she demonstrated how to shoot a four-way sex scene.

    Another picture showed Lindsay with James and two others cast in the film, Nolan Funk who will play Ryan and Amanda Brooks who will play Gina.

    The production is expected to last until July 31st. Expect more Lindsay sightings between now and then.

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