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Hurricane Sandy: The Latest Pictures From Twitter

These are images people instagrammed and tweeted as water quickly submerged many places along the East Coast.

1. Alexandria, VA

Via Twitter: @DelRayPatch

The Potomac River.

2. Atlantic City, NJ

3. Atlantic City, NJ

4. Avalon, NJ

5. Brooklyn, NY

6. Brooklyn, NY


Red Hook.

7. Brooklyn, NY


The Gowanus Canal.

8. Brooklyn, NY

Via Twitter: @mattdanzico

Brooklyn Bridge Park.

9. Hoboken, NJ

Via Twitter: @jerrylore

NJ Transit Terminal.

10. Hoboken, NJ


Sinatra Park.

11. Hoboken, NJ

12. Long Beach Island, NJ

13. Long Branch, NJ

14. Manhattan

Via Twitter: @HurricanePhotos

FDR Drive.

15. Manhattan

Via Twitter: @mariejoelle

Battery Park.

16. Manhattan

Via Twitter: @HurricanePhotos

West Side.

17. Manhattan

The Hudson River.

18. Norfolk, VA

19. Norfolk, VA

20. Norfolk, VA


Old Dominion University.

21. Ocean City, MD

22. Ocean City, MD

23. Ocean City, MD

24. Ocean City, MD

25. Queens, NY


Long Island City.

26. Staten Island, NY

Via Twitter: @Laulaudee

Great Kills Marina.

27. Stone Harbor, NJ

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