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    HIV+ Graphic Novel Gets Digital Release For World AIDS Day

    On the fifth anniversary of its initial release, Lost Raven, the award-winning graphic novel, will be made available online.

    Written by Darren G. Davis, the novel provides a different perspective on being HIV positive. Instead of dying, as so many characters do in movies and books about AIDS, the main character is living and fighting.

    The novel channels the raw emotion of the author, who is also HIV positive — a diagnosis he received in 1999 — and is said to be based on a journal he kept following the diagnosis.

    For those not familiar with the story, Lost Raven is about a lawyer who is diagnosed with HIV and then sets sail for a new life before encountering a mysterious island.

    Check out a couple of panels from the first few pages of the graphic novel.

    Zak Raven is diagnosed with HIV.

    Soon after, he resigns and sets sail...

    ...and ends up stranded on a mysterious island...

    ...which turns out to be filled with scientists playing God.

    More information about the graphic novel and how to purchase it can be found here. It will be available for download via iTunes and Amazon on Dec. 1.

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