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    Hip Hop Duo Releases Song In Support Of Marriage Equality

    Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, two Seattle-based hip hop artists, partnered with Music For Marriage Equality campaign and Sub Pop to release a new track ('Same Love') that addresses same-sex marriage and stigmas of being gay.

    The song was written in direct response to what the Macklemore observed over the years.

    "I wrote from my own perspective growing up in a culture where 'that's gay' was commonplace, with a huge stigma on those who identified and were perceived as gay," explains Macklemore, aka Ben Haggerty (pictured above - right).

    "More than anything, I am aware how comfortable I (and most other straight people) have become staying silent on this issue. If we choose not to speak on an issue of injustice out of fear, or how our peers might perceive us, we're part of the problem."

    In fact, Macklemore's uncles (pictured below) served as inspiration for the song. He credits the pair for being a model of a committed and loving relationship.

    Music for Marriage Equality's Kerri Harrop immediately recognized something unprecedented in the song.

    "What we are seeing is a cultural shift, and that shift is certainly reflected in the music world," says Harrop. "Artists and bands have a long history of supporting and spearheading change."

    Though the track was written in April, it's release comes in the wake of Frank Ocean's coming out, which proved to be a huge milestone in the world of hip hop. The genre has been slow to come to terms with homosexuality over the years. But recently, major rap artists have publicly embraced marriage equality and openly celebrated Frank Ocean's decision to publicly address his sexuality. And this song is the first to tackle gay issues in such an open matter.

    (Read more about Music for Marriage Equality and it's effort to have "Washington state become the first state in the nation to defend marriage equality by a public vote.")

    Sub Pop will release the track digitally on July 24th with a limited run on 7" starting July 31st. All proceeds will benefit the Music for Marriage Equality campaign. The song will also appear on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' debut LP, The Heist, which will be independently released on October 9th.

    All images courtesy of Shore Fire Media.

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