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Fund This: Man Candy And Cupcakes

A new Kickstarter project by Babe Scott (aka The Lazy Hostess) combines two things every woman and gay man loves: hot guys and dessert.

"Man Candy and Cupcakes will bring brawn to baking. It will feature scrumptious recipes for mouthwatering cupcakes brought to you by the world’s sexiest bakers."

The cookbook will include "100 plus full color pages and will feature more than 50 photos so seductive you will need a cold shower after flipping through them."

"There will be four flavorsome bakers featured and the recipes will be reflective of their personalities from boy-next-door wholesome goodness to debonair and dashing to smoldering Latino lover through to the lonesome cupcake cowboy."

There are several goodies for those who fund the project including t-shirts, magnets, autographed photos and...

If you pledge $350, you'll be rewarded with a night on the town with Gerinomo Frias - New York's hottest man candy and notorious rump shaker from Cazwell's "Ice Cream Truck" video.

So back this project now... I mean, who doesn't want a cookbook filled with cupcake recipes and delicious men?!