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    Big Dipper Is Hip-Hop's Raunchiest Bear

    Check out his new, very NSFW EP and video for proof.

    Chicago rapper Big Dipper is basically what happens when a gay boy turns his obsession with bubblegum pop into wonderfully raunchy rap, like the shameless bear equivalent of Nicki Minaj. He built up a lot of buzz for his song "Summertime Realness" over the summer and sourced the Internet for his KickStarter-funded video, "Drop Drop (April Showers)."

    But it's his latest single, "Meat Quotient," that really has people attention. "My tenderloin is fresh / No expiration date on this hairy butt sex," raps Big Dipper. Those are lyrics that'll make any girl blush and his video pushes the limits of NSFW (below).

    Download his new EP, They Ain't Ready, here.

    View this video on YouTube

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