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    A Quick Break Down Of Uganda's "Kill The Gays" Bill

    One website offers up an interpretation of the bill's 19 horrifying clauses.

    Clauses 1 and 2: Anyone can be gay. It's all so vague.

    Clause 3: You don't even have to be gay to be executed.

    Clause 4: Anyone can “commit homosexuality.” Just "touch" another person.

    Clauses 5, 6, and 9: You can avoid jail time by turning on your partner. If you play the victim.

    Clause 8: Gay thoughts are illegal.

    Clauses 7 and 11: Even straight people can go to jail. All they have to do is house a gay person.

    Clause 12: Anyone who officiates a same-sex wedding is breaking the law.

    Clause 13: Advocacy and support for LGBT rights is illegal.

    Clause 14: Anyone can be jailed for NOT ratting out their neighbor.

    Clause 16: Citizens aren't even safe outside of the country.

    Clause 18: The UN, treaties can't stop Uganda from "killing" the gays.

    Clauses 15 and 19: The Ethics and Integrity Minister can make anyone gay (and therefore illegal) with the flick of his pen.

    The full bill and more interpretations of the clauses can be read at Box Turtle Bulletin, which has detailed coverage of Uganda's attempts to pass this into law.

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