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9 Reasons To See "Pitch Perfect" And 1 Reason Not To

The a cappella competition film opens in limited release on September 28th and nationwide October 5th.

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1. This is not "Glee"

This fact cannot be stressed enough. And now that the show is into it's college years, it's easy to make vague comparisons. But outside of references to Sectionals, Regionals and Nationals there's not many similarities. In fact, Ryan Murphy should take note if he wants to improve his show.

3. The music is good, like really good

The song selections are key to the success of this movie. Who wants to sit through tired karaoke renditions of pop songs? No one. Pitch Perfect mixes it up with stellar arrangements and seemingly perfect song choices.


4. Seriously, just click play

5. Rebel Wilson steals another movie


First it was Bridesmaids, then it was a forgivable appearance in What To Expect When You're Expecting (with producer and co-star, Elizabeth Banks) and then it was her straight man in Bachelorette. She easily gets the best laughs in this flick. Alex Rabinowitz (PopCultureBrain) writes, "the only person who gave her a run for her money is Adam Devine ('Workaholics'), who too brings a lot of the funny." And he's exactly right.

Still not convinced? Click here.

6. It's an Elizabeth Banks production

Yes that's a thing now. The funny, gorgeous actress strikes gold with her second time producing. She wisely jumped aboard this project and makes a hilarious cameo appearance alongside John Michael Higgins as a witty yet inappropriate show announcer.

7. Don't forget about the Annas

Anna Camp (L) and Anna Kendrick (R) are at the center of the film with Kendrick as the new recruit and Camp trying to recover from a upsetting loss from the previous season of competition. Their sparring is delicious and these two women are surprisingly great singers.

8. Also, this guy is adorable

It's worth highlighting Skylar Astin (center) who is a delight as Kendrick's love interest and member of the competing all-male group of singers. Broadway fans may recognize him from Spring Awakening or his brief appearance in an episode of Girls.

9. The aca-holics love it

Further evidence that this movie does the college a capella competition scene justice. Rabinowitz explains it:

"The camaraderie and the feeling of being in a college group is precisely rendered on screen. From the effort of rehearsals, to the down time and socializing, to the tense, nervous, and exhilarating feeling you get before, during, and after performances -- it's all there. I was expecting an over the top, extreme stylization of the world of a cappella but having gone through it all, I was taken aback how true to my experiences the film felt."

10. If you can't let loose, don't bother going

The fun and excitement of this film is infectious. But you really have to just dive into the world of a capella and let go. Just try not to applaud after the performances.