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    9 Portraits Of Gay Military Members Who Serve In Silence Under DOMA

    Artist Tatjana Plitt has been capturing same-sex couples serving in the military to raise awareness about the discrimination caused by the Defense Of Marriage Act.

    1. Kelly and Hannah

    2. Idalia and Angelie

    3. Karen and Alli

    4. Lilly and Ashley

    5. Phillip and Stephen

    6. Stephanie and Sarah

    7. Steve and Josh

    8. Zachary and Marvin

    9. Zachary and Marshal

    When asked about what the series, "Gay Warriors," means to her, Plitt responded in an email:

    I have family members and friends who are gay and I am fighting for their right to be acknowledged as full citizens, the best way I know how: by making art. I also have family in the military and have seen first hand what they sacrifice to serve their country. That the government and the Department of Defense are discriminating against soldiers who are putting their lives at risk to protect this country, is the greatest hypocrisy. I hope that my project will raise awareness of this injustice and inspire people to put pressure their leaders to change these prejudiced policies.

    The series, though, which is meant to pay homage to the historic imagery of 17th century marriage and family portraits, is incomplete. She wants to document at least 50 more couples from around the the country by July 2013.

    Plitt is currently raising money on Kickstarter, and those interested in her supporting her project and can donate there.