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54 Best Tumblrs Started In 2012

This year, Tumblr users captured the best of the best when it came to the Internet: everything from political memes to pop culture mashups and GIF reactions to stunning photography.


1. Binders Full of Burgers

Visualizing the 2012 U.S. presidential election with greasy food. [follow]

2. Texts from Hillary

Badass texting. [follow]

3. Binders Full of Women

Mitt's words brought to life. [follow]

4. RomCom2012

Two lovers. A man. His country. Both ambitious, likable, and apparently meant for each other, but kept apart by some complicating circumstances. [follow]

5. Ron [Paul] Swanson

The least likable Libertarian and the most likable Libertarian collide to create true Internet beauty. [follow]

6. 1,001 Droll Pranks for Rich Boys

The wealthy young gentleman's guide to horseplay. [follow]


7. Old People Writing on a Restaurant's Facebook Page

Old people writing on the Facebook pages of chain restaurants. [follow]

8. One Tiny Hand

One tiny step for hands, one giant leap for mankind. [follow]

9. T-Rex Trying...

The unfortunate trials of the tyrant lizard king. [follow]

10. Truth Graphs

Graphs about topics ranging from SpongeBob to the 2012 presidential election. [follow]

11. I(KEA) 99 Problems but a Bitch Ain't One

Remember that time IKEA erased all the women from their catalog? [follow]

12. The Kawaii Project

Total cuteness. [follow]

13. Sorry, Feminists!

Katie Roiphe hates cats and has other sexy, smart, and sassy thoughts. [follow]


14. McKayla Is Not Impressed

Not with silver, not even with Obama. [follow]

15. Olympics

The definitive photo album of each and every Olympic Games. [follow]

16. NBA Through The Lens

Beautiful sports photography. [follow]

Pop Culture

17. Mean Girls of Panem

Get in, loser, we're going to the Capitol. [follow]

18. Cholafied

Chola gangster style. [follow]

19. Kim Jong-un Looking at Things

The dear respected leader likes to look at things too. [follow]

20. Chandler Dances on Things

A blog to celebrate the dance moves of Chandler Bing. [follow]

21. Downton Pawnee

Parks and Rec meets Downton Abbey. [follow]

22. #HollywoodAssistants

The life of Hollywood assistants. [follow]

23. Hypervocal

Internet sherpas. [follow]


24. I Am Beyonce

Beyonce's Tumblr. [follow]

25. George Takei

Are you talking to meme? [follow]

26. Shakira

The singer's Tumblr. [follow]

27. Mugshot Doppelgänger

The 1920s doubles of infamous celebrity mug shots. [follow]

28. Emceez Ansari

Parks and Rec's Aziz Ansari's rapping career. [follow]

29. What if Adele Were Mrs. Doubtfire?

A question you never thought to ask yourself. [follow]

30. Nekci Menij

The Tumblr arm of the hilarious YouTube series. [follow]

31. Brad Pitt Eating (+ Drinking) Things

One actor and his sexy way of eating food. [follow]

32. Cooking with Skrillex

Who would have thought Skrillex was so skilled in the kitchen? [follow]


33. Underground New York Public Library

A visual library featuring the Reading Riders of the NYC subways. [follow]

34. The Lively Morgue

A treasure house of photographs from The New York Times. [follow]

35. Picture Dept

A venue for photography presented by the award-winning Newsweek & The Daily Beast photo teams. [follow]

36. Reportage by Getty Images

Inspiring and iconic photojournalism from award-winning photographers and new emerging talent. [follow]

37. Getty Images

Stunning photography. [follow]


38. Windows 95 Tips, Tricks, and Tweaks

A stroll down memory lane. [follow]

39. Google Poetics

Google writes poetry on subjects that people are truly interested in. [follow]


40. Dog Shaming

A supply of your favorite furry friends with a healthy dose of shaming. [follow]

41. Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

Cute and sexy. [follow]

42. Text from Dog

One blogger's dog sends him texts and then he posts them. [follow]


43. Israel Defense Forces

This is the official Tumblr blog of the IDF. [follow]

44. NOLA to New York

Katrina victims talk to New York. [follow]


45. Eagle Scouts Returning Our Badges

A collection of letters from Scouts returning their pins to the Boy Scouts of America in protest of its anti-gay policies. [follow]

46. When Obama Endorsed Marriage Equality

We all partied. With GIFs. [follow]

47. Huffington Post Gay Voices

News, culture, and a glimpse behind the scenes. [follow]


Where words and images matter. [follow]


49. Hulu

Online TV on Tumblr. [follow]

50. Dark Rye

Whole Food's mixtape of secrets — a daily how-to and counterconvention dose of sass and entrepreneurialism for your own neighborhood. [follow]


51. Storyboard

Storyboard is a regular collection of features highlighting talented creators and their work, as found within and around the massively diverse Tumblr community. [follow]

52. Behind the Curtain

Go behind the curtain of performances at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. [follow]

53. AWL Music

Music on Tumblr. [follow]

54. Hot and Busted

Bad boys. [follow]