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    5 Times You Said "Gurl" During "Drag Race"

    New alliances, bulge growth, and a big reveal were just a few of the key moments from the second episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. (Warning: spoilers!)

    1. Ro-Laska-Tox

    Move over, Willam and Vicky, Detox has a new girl group lined up: Ro-Laska-Tox. In the beginning of the second episode, it was revealed there was a new alliance taking shape — though not all the girls appeared to be excited about it.

    2. The Growing Bulges

    OK, Shawn and Jason's bulges are starting to get a little ridiculous. We've gone from tucked to untucked to "Sir, is that a prosthetic bulge in your undies?" By episode 5, they'll be bursting from the seams.

    3. Ivy's Stilt Strut

    Ivy didn't wait long to pull out the circus tricks. She debuted her stilt walk and managed to make Ru's jaw drop. It was an impressive feat, and she looked beautiful. Let's hope she didn't pull out the big guns too early. At this pace, she'll have no choice but to deep-throat a flaming sword by episode 5.

    4. Monica's Big Secret

    The moment that was teased all episode finally revealed itself on the runway. During a tearful confession, Monica told the judges she was a transgendered woman. It was shocking, yet honest. The girls rallied behind her, and Monica herself seemed to come out of her shell. However, her poor impersonation of Jiggly Caliente landed her in the bottom two. But Monica werked the hell out of her lip sync, proving that she was the "only girl in the world."

    5. Serena's Final Runway

    While Monica turned it out, Serena failed to improve much from the premiere. Her runway drew the ire of Kristen Johnston. Michelle wasn't impressed with her granny panties. Oh, and the splits during the lip sync? It didn't help her much, as she was sent packing.

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