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    35 WTF Kanye West Moments

    Aka all the reasons why we love him. Happy birthday Mr. West!

    1. Her

    2. His fashion debut

    3. When he went off on a fan in Paris

    4. When he followed this guy on Twitter

    5. His epic Twitter rants

    6. DONDA

    7. The time he stepped on a kitten

    8. The penis pics

    9. When he was arrested

    10. This cover

    11. When he went to the bathroom during his interview with Conan

    12. His interview with Matt Lauer

    13. When he made Mike Myers crap his pants on live TV

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    14. His unaired puppet show, "Alligator Boots"

    15. His love for women's clothing

    16. His internship with the Gap

    17. His internship at Fendi

    18. His Fendi haircut

    19. His mullet

    20. When he claimed AIDS was "man-made"

    21. His feud with 50 Cent

    22. When he compared himself to Hitler

    23. His drunken tirade at the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards

    24. When he took the stage at 4:30 a.m.

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    25. When he made these sunglasses cool

    26. And then partied with the Princes

    27. His photoshoot with Amber Rose and Terry Richardson

    28. His emo phase

    29. His hatred of LOL

    30. His love for ninjas


    His philosophy:

    "I'm like a tree. I feed the branches of the people."

    32. This fur coat

    33. His in-flight performance

    34. This moment

    35. His sex pics with her