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25 Ways Anderson Cooper Kicked Ass This Year

From Twitter to his talk show, Cooper was a tour de force.

The journalist basically owned Twitter and those who tried to take swipes at him:










And Coop didn't hesitate to take down bigoted personalities:

10. When Karl Lagerfeld deemed Adele "too fat," Anderson dedicated a whole "Ridiculist" to slamming the designer.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images


11. He threw shade at Star Jones after she claimed he came out to boost ratings.

Evan Agostini, File / AP


12. After Michele Bachmann called for an investigation of the State Department, Coop swiftly criticized her for a lack of evidence.

Chris O'Meara, File / AP


13. Anderson didn't care for Teresa Guidice's weak defense for her constant fighting.

Mike McGregor / Getty Images


14. When Amanda Bynes tweeted at Barack Obama, Anderson created a new segment for her on "360."

Peter Kramer, file / AP


15. Coop didn't have any sympathy for Lindsay Lohan after she took to Twitter to whine about Bynes.

The Associated Press / AP


16. And after he hit his breaking point, Anderson cut short an interview with the "human Barbie doll."


When "Anderson" was canceled, the host finally loosened up and had fun on the show:

17. Kathy Lee put it in his crack.

18. When Paul Rudd told Anderson he just got "tickled by a pickle," the host claimed to have done the same thing.


19. He and Andy Cohen enjoyed a "Lady and the Tramp" moment.

And then there were several moments when Anderson looked like a total badass:

20. He brought the gun show to a basketball game.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

21. He sported an eye patch after being temporarily blinded.

22. And he kept on reporting during a huge explosion in the Gaza City.

23. He looked like James Bond during a segment of "60 Minutes."

24. And showed his smarts when he won $50,000 for The Trevor Project during an episode of "Jeopardy."

Kris Connor / Getty Images

Not to mention, his biggest move yet:

25. In an email to Andrew Sullivan, Anderson helped break the glass ceiling.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images


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