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    21 Teen Soaps To Stream This Summer

    Now that many of television's favorite teen shows are streaming online, it's time to start planning your summer TV marathon. BuzzFeed put together a viewing guide of programs no longer airing on primetime. Just don't blame us for your lack of tan come September.

    Estimated viewing times are based on an average of 42 minutes per episode (22 minutes for half-hour programs) without commercials breaks.

    Recommended viewing sessions: 2 episodes per weeknight (M-F) or 8 episodes per weekend.

    FYI: All shows add up to about 1,015 hrs (just over 42 straight days). Summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) is only 99 days with 14 weeks and 15 weekends.

    Also: Only shows streaming at least one full season as of May 23, 2012 were included.

    1. Angel

    2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    3. The City

    4. Dawson's Creek

    5. Felicity

    6. Friday Night Lights

    7. Greek

    8. The Hills

    9. Jack & Bobby

    10. Laguna Beach

    11. Melrose Place (Original Series)

    12. Melrose Place 2.0

    13. My So-Called Life

    14. The O.C.

    15. One Tree Hill

    16. Roswell

    17. Skins (UK version)

    18. Sweet Valley High

    19. Undressed

    20. Veronica Mars

    21. The Wonder Years