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17 Goofy Pics From Ryan Lochte's Facebook Profile

Seriously, this man is a goofball when he's not in the water. It must be all the chlorine.

1) His profile pic

2) Wearing matching swimsuits

3) Hanging out with Joe Jonas

4) Snapping a pic with the President

5) This red carpet photo

6) And whatever is happening here

7) His outfit for Diddy's white party?

8) Standing like a statue

9) The hair, the tongue and the scarf

10) Hanging tough with the Cat in the Hat

11) Acting cool with LeBron James

12) Chilling with his dog pt. 1

13) Chilling with his dog pt. 2

14) Those shoes

15) That hat

16) His grill

17) And the money he spent ont that grill(?)