15 People Who Came Out On Facebook

The social network has become an avenue for people to be proud of who they are and express themselves to their friends and family.

1. A few were inspired by National Coming Out Day

2. And wanted to express themselves

3. For this person, it was a back and forth struggle

6. This guy buried the lead

7. A few sent personal messages

8. For some, it was about being honest to themselves

10. And to stop feeling ashamed

11. And to let everyone know that it’s a progress

12. And for this person, it was a milestone

13. This guy wanted everyone to know including those who have single gay siblings

14. This person wanted to get everyone on the same page

15. And for one, it was about admitting something about themselves that they’ve known for a long time

And all of them stood a little bit taller that day.

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