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    15 Guys With Fries

    It's the next step in meme evolution for "Guys with iPhones" and "Self Pop Tart."

    1. Country Fries

    2. Link Me Some Fries

    3. Wilmer Gym Fries

    4. Where's My Fries?

    5. Puppy and Fries

    6. Ninja Fries Attack

    7. Gun Show and Fries

    8. Muddy Face Fries

    9. Fries and a Haircut, Two Bits

    10. Pikachu Fries

    11. 2 Fries and a Clown

    12. Ginger Fries

    13. Shore Fries With Extra Grease

    14. Thug Fries

    15. Fries Up Close

    All images courtesy of (slightly NSFW). Click through for more pics.