14 Things BuzzFeed Taught Me In 2012

Lessons I learned from my favorite reads of the past year.

1. That it’s important to stand tall

Even though this Olympic fencer lost her challenge regarding medal-clinching touch, it was how she remained stood tall that impressed me the most.

2. That it’s okay to cry

I could barely make it through this post without shedding a tear.

3. That it’s okay to try and fail

I always have this post to remind me of that.

4. That the Olympics are more fun to watch when censored

Check it out here, here and here.

5. That everyone looks better in a pink wig

Yes, even Samuel L. Jackson.

6. That I don’t know as much about “Love Actually” as I thought I did (also that I still have a huge crush on Andrew Lincoln)

Seriously, I bombed this quiz.

7. That I’m getting way too old to be drinking like this

Then again maybe that’s a good thing.

8. That I secretly hate brunch

All it took was one post to remind of of those little things that annoy me most about something that’s normally the best part of the weekend. (Friends: Take note.)

9. That there’s no excuse for me to keep eating out

Especially when there’s this awesome food guide to teach me how to eat better for less.

10. That I need to start working out more

Oh who am I kidding? Where’s the ice cream.

11. That sometimes the best ideas come from a challenge

McSweeney’s challenged, BuzzFeed answered. Now I know everything that’s not included on an everything bagel.

12. That everyone struggles at their job sometimes

If Chelsea can weather the storm, then we all can!

13. That sometimes it’s important to use your words

In roughly 1,000 words, a contributor explored the world of Azealia Banks and the gay scene, which in turn influenced me to try my own version of a “long form” piece.

14. That it’s okay to dream big

It only took one picture to remind me of that.

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