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    10 Crafty Ways To Smuggle Booze

    The sneaky pros offer a few tips on how to get booze across borders or from party to party. But, hey, you didn't hear it from us.


    Flappers just need to slip a small bottle of booze into a garter belt for easy smuggling.

    Images courtesy of Flickr and PBS.


    A crafty dame can turn her heels into a bottle of booze.

    Image courtesy of the Museum of the American Gangster.


    Russian boots are not only stylish but come with plenty of extra room.

    Image courtesy of Tumblr.


    This Philadelphia man pours booze into a vest that will be later strapped to his chest and easily concealed by a shirt and jacket.

    Image courtesy of Temple University.


    Look fashionable and transport booze at the same time with these clever leg straps that hold several bottles covered with oversized coat.

    Image courtesy of ENotes.


    Have a secret still? Wear cow shoes to trick revenuers. Instead of footprints, the only thing seen on the ground will be hoofprints.

    Image courtesy of BoingBoing.


    Mrs. Nell Rhoades demonstrates her sneaky smuggling techniques of using back packs and belt straps when bootlegging.

    Image courtesy of Walkerville Times.


    Any watermelon can be transformed into a mini whiskey barrel.

    Image courtesy of Walkerville Times.


    Fashion your walking cane into a flask. Just don't use it so openly like this dame.

    Image courtesy of Forward.


    Fill eggs with whiskey (or another booze of choice). No one is going to suspect a broad taking home her groceries.

    Image courtesy of Walkerville Times.

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