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    10 Artists Who Should Sing The Next James Bond Theme

    Until producers determine who will sing the theme for the new James Bond film, Skyfall, here are a few artists worth considering.



    Why she's a good fit: Reportedly a frontrunner for the new film, Adele is a fitting choice given her retro style as well as her massive success. It goes without saying that she has a bombastic voice that channels the classic Bond themes. With her on the mic, the film could have its first hit title track in decades.

    Evidence: Rolling In The Deep

    Who she reminds us of: Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever)

    Michael Bublé


    Why he's a good fit: He's practically the male equivalent to Adele. His signature throwback sound melds perfectly with older James Bond themes. It would be great to see him ham it up like Tom Jones did before him.

    Evidence: Cry Me A River

    Who he reminds us of: Tom Jones (Thunderball)


    Why they're a good fit: The English arena rock band continues to soar to new heights with each album. Their epic sound is fitting for the grand overtures that some of the James Bond themes like to employ. Besides, it'd be nice to bring a rock edge to the theme (while ignoring Chris Cornell's attempt for Casino Royale).

    Evidence: Undisclosed Desires

    Who they remind us of: Paul McCartney & The Wings (Live and Let Die)



    Why she's a good fit: While not as popular as she was a few years ago, the singer channels a similar retro sound as Adele but with a little more upbeat vibe. Plus, she already recorded a cover of Paul McCartney's theme for Live and Let Die.

    Evidence: Live and Let Die

    Who she reminds us of: Nancy Sinatra (You Only Live Twice)

    The Last Shadow Puppets


    Why they're a good fit: Though The Arctic Monkeys could be a good fit for a more rocking sound, The Last Shadow Puppets does a better job channeling the epic vibe of past James Bond themes. The track, 'In My Room,' sounds like it was written for a spy film.

    Evidence: In My Room

    Who they remind us of: Jack White and Alicia Keys (Quantum of Solace)

    Kanye West


    Why he's a good fit: If the producers really wanted to shake things up, they should pick a rapper. And who else understands the darker themes of James Bond better than Kanye? His discography should be evidence enough to make him a worthwhile candidate.

    Evidence: Flashing Lights

    Who he reminds us of: Tom Jones (Thunderball), Shirley Bassey (Diamonds Are Forever)



    Why he's a good fit: Around since 2003, the singer has reached newfound international fame with the massive success of 'Somebody I Used To Know.' Much like Duffy, his unconventional voice could prove a slinky fit given the right production.

    Evidence: Smoke and Mirrors

    Who he reminds us of: Duran Duran (A View To A Kill)

    Florence + The Machine


    Why she's a good fit: Florence Welch may have just released a new song for Snow White and the Huntsman but she definitely has room to expand into Bond's world. Her voice could make for a surprising match with their production and sound. Also with dark lyrics like hers, she may just channel the unexpected side of Bond.

    Evidence: Seven Devils

    Who she reminds us of: Garbage (The World Is Not Enough)



    Why she's a good fit: Much like Adele, Beyonce has a powerful voice. She's already parodied the series with her track for Austin Powers in Goldmember. However, it's really her modern R&B style that could produce a fresh, new sound for the film series (as long as she doesn't go the way of Madonna).

    Evidence: Countdown

    Who she reminds us of: Tina Turner (Goldeneye)

    Janelle Monáe


    Why she's a good fit: While her retro style is typically more upbeat, it's her slower tracks that are proof she's a great fit for James Bond. Her laid back, psychedelic style meshes nicely with the female singer-songwriters that took over in the 70's. Besides why shouldn't the film series give a much-needed boost to a talented singer like Janelle?

    Evidence: Sir Greendown

    Who she reminds us of: Nancy Sinatra (You Only Live Twice), Sheena Easton (For Your Eyes Only)

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