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My Favorite Golden Globes Moments.

From Meryl Streep to Angelina Jolie, these are my 5 favorite moments in recent Golden Globes history.

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  • The lip gloss odyssey.

    The lip gloss odyssey.

    From eye glares to eating, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie kept stealing the scene during the 2011 Golden Globes. But it was the application of lip gloss that really hooked viewers. Source.

  • The devil's speech.

    The devil's speech.

    Meryl delivered one of the best acceptance speeches on record when she won for The Devil Wears Prada: Oh my God, thank you everybody, thank you so much, I am really thrilled. I think I worked with everybody in the room. Yes I have. Watch and source.

  • Ricky insulting everyone.

    Ricky insulting everyone.

    Check out 19 of Ricky's best insults. I especially enjoyed this gem of a dig: It was a big year for 3-D movies. It seems like everything this year was three-dimensional. Except the characters in 'The Tourist.'

  • Caught with her pants down.

    Caught with her pants down.

    Christine Lahti was in the bathroom when she won Best Actress in a TV Drama. But the oops moment turned out to be terribly endearing. Watch.

  • The laugh/clap.

    The laugh/clap.

    Has there ever been a more awkward reaction shot? Brendan had an interesting response to Robert De Niro's speech for Martin Scorsese. At least it made for a good Internet meme.
    GIF and source.