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    • staceyu

      I was in The Imaginary Invalid in college and played Beline. She’s the “evil” second wife of the main character (the Invalid) and I modeled her off of Ursula in the Little Mermaid. I have…let’s put it this way…a “hefty” bosom (size G cup) and the costumer had made the top part of my dress 2 inches too small in order to accentuate said bosom so I could use my cleavage to hide money and other things as part of my character’s stage business. I was laced into the corseted top by a dresser who had to put her foot on my stomach and pull in order to get me into the dress. Of course, there was no room for underwear, so the only thing between my breasts and the world was a jeweled beaded piece that was held on by snaps and hid the corset laces. During the dress rehearsal in front of an audience of a few friends and other actors, the Invalid grabbed my arm and pulled me around to face him and just happened to brush my own arm against that beaded piece, which didn’t need much force to break free. Result: my huge breasts sprang from their too small corseted prison and the Imaginary Invalid suddenly became a 3-D show.

    • staceyu

      Okay, so I don’t want to rain on the parade and I’m not implying anything, but I did want to explain why I used to clap like a spaz as well… I just had hand surgery for “Sagittal Band Rupture” aka “Boxer’s Knuckle” on my right hand middle finger this past fall and I also have arthritis in my thumbs. Before the surgery, it was actually painful to do much of anything with my hands and clapping was one of them. The only way I could actually clap would be something akin to Nicole Kidman’s gif. I’m seriously doubting any of these famous folk have the same thing going on, but I just wanted to throw the devil’s advocate spin out there. BTW, since my surgery fixed my knuckle, I can clap the shit outta anything now!

    • staceyu

      I’m fat.Iadmit it. AndIhave huge self-esteem issues. Regardless of the fact thatIhaveawonderful husband and beautiful daughter andafamily that loves me “just the wayIam,”Iam CONSTANTLY worried that people are gawking and judging me just like these photos supposedly depict. Having been fat sinceIwas 12 and having endured actual bullying from strangers because of it,Ican’t help but have anxiety in crowds. Many commenters are going off about how they believe the people doing the gawking are doing so because the photographer is dressed badly or blocking traffic or taking pictures of herself onabusy street and they aren’t judging her on her appearance. Many other people are making comments about how she should dress or behave differently (long pants, long sleeves, no bending over, etc.) and they are the people that Haley (the artist) andIare afraid of onadaily basis. Did anything think that maybe Haley is capturing her own perceptions about how she feels inacrowd? AnytimeIam in any situation with someone other than my husband or daughter,Iimagine and sincerely believe that there is, at least, ONE person in said crowd who is looking at me inanegative way because I’m “gross,” “disgusting,” “sloppy,” “ugly,” “unhealthy,” and all the rest of the terms you hear skinny fat haters say (or write). Perhaps the people in these photos are conveying their annoyance at her blocking traffic or being dressed weird, etc., but, to Haley and me andalot of other fat women in society, every negative facial expression really is directed at us and is conveying disgust at our weight. If you are told something enough times, you begin to believe it. You truly can’t judgeaperson until you’ve walkedamile in their shoes…regardless of their weight or issues. Just throwing in my two cents.

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