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    Tweets That Confirm That Bev Keane Is Truly The Worst On "Midnight Mass"

    Bev Keane is literally the worst.

    🔥Warning: Spoilers for Midnight Mass ahead!🔥

    Well, folks, Netflix has a new pious villain on Mike Flanagan's Midnight Mass. She's taking us by a raging storm on Crockett Island, and her name is Bev Keane.

    Bev Keane at door

    You might know her as Steve's very exasperated wife Leigh in The Haunting of Hill House or Penny (who did *not* kill Derek Shepherd) on Grey's Anatomy. While not a stranger to complicated roles, Sloyan pours her soul into an explosive performance as the despicable town zealot Bev Keane.

    Samantha Sloyan
    Amanda Edwards / WireImage / Getty Images / Via

    Although, according to Flanagan, Sloyan's very lovely IRL, she's about angelic as the vampire creature in Midnight Mass as Bev.

    Bev standing near water

    Bev makes passive-aggressive jabs at everyone, is overtly racist, easily justifies murders with religion, and, of course, gleefully condones spreading a vampiric virus on the island.

    Bev Keane

    Oh, and she probably killed a dog. 

    Sloyan truly gives an Emmy-worthy performance. But don't take our word for it — here are a bunch of tweets celebrating just how iconic her portrayal of Bev is!


    It takes a great performer to really make you hate a character. Samantha Sloyan is that performer and that character is Bev. #MidnightMass

    @pirate_atomsk / Via Twitter: @pirate_atomsk


    Mike Flanagan's MIDNIGHT MASS is as good as I hoped it would be. Very different in pace and execution from the HAUNTING series, with great performances from Hamish Linklater, Rahul Kohli and Kate Siegel. But the showstopper is Samantha Sloyan, who is terrifying and incredible.

    @azalben / Via Twitter: @azalben


    All hail Samantha Sloyan. I’ve never hated a character more than Bev Keane. Bravo. #MidnightMass

    @adorableboomerx / Via Twitter: @adorableboomerx


    growing up religious, i can say that bev played by samantha sloyan, is one of the most realistic portrayals of a religious karen i have ever seen. i have met so many of these people #MidnightMass

    @Tild0swinton / Via Twitter: @Tild0swinton


    If Samantha Sloyan, Bev Keane on #MidnightMass doesn't win the Emmy next year, there is no justice in this world.

    @DiedInTheSnap / Via Twitter: @DiedInTheSnap


    A photo of young Bev Keane. #midnightmassnetflix #MidnightMass

    @mrpatricktera / Via Twitter: @mrpatricktera


    LOL, this is one of the best yet. BTW... Samantha Sloyan is one of the kindest, most gentle, sweetest human beings I've ever met. The reactions I'm seeing to Bev just prove she's also a fiercely talented actor. So proud of you Sam... (and I'm also so sorry) 😬

    @flanaganfilm / Via Twitter: @flanaganfilm

    Confirmed a nice person by Mike Flanagan!


    No-one: Literally no-one: Not a single soul: Bev Keane on #MidnightMass:

    @AKAJohnAtkinson / Via Twitter: @AKAJohnAtkinson


    1. Midnight Mass is terrific 2. I can't remember the last time I was as unsettled by a character as I am by Bev Keane

    @roundhoward / Via Twitter: @roundhoward


    Congrats @MidnightMass and @FlanaganFilm for creating the most hated character I've seen on television and Samantha Sloyan for absolutely killing the role.

    @ImMattRodriguez / Via Twitter: @ImMattRodriguez


    #MidnightMass is really good. Possibly @flanaganfilm’s best work so far. A masterfully directed, slow-burn tale that explores religion, fanaticism, trauma and grief, through some superb writing (Stephen King vibes and all). Hamish Linklater & Samantha Sloyan are outstanding.

    @FicoCangiano / Via Twitter: @FicoCangiano


    Samantha Sloyan's performance as Bev is one of the BEST villain performances I have seen in a LONG time. Talk about the tyranny of the pleasant personality. #MidnightMass

    @Cinesnark / Via Twitter: @Cinesnark


    Samantha Sloyan LOVES to play the characters that people will hate the most #GreysAnatomy #MidnightMass

    @sarahbeloff / Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @sarahbeloff

    And that's called talent!


    Samantha Sloyan is an amazing actress and she's in other Flanagan projects. But GOD, she REALLY gets to shine in #MidnightMass. (PS: Get Midnight Mass GIFs Twitter, this one is from Hill House smh.)

    @SpaceWereKim / Via Twitter: @SpaceWereKim


    Ok, now that everyone has caught up in #MidnightMass I hope we can all agree that Samantha Sloyan as Bev Keane is a performance for the fucking ages and may it rain down Emmys on her approximately one year from now.

    @joelmeares / Via Twitter: @joelmeares


    great actress because wow i truly, wholeheartedly and passionately HATE bev keane #MidnightMass

    @jjc11v / Via Twitter: @jjc11v


    She is the moment. Bev Keane! 🙌#MidnightMass

    @inozanti / EIKE SCHROTER/NETFLIX / Via / Via Twitter: @inozanti


    #MidnightMass is dark, smart, well written & well acted so much so that when you hate Bev Keane (Samantha Sloyan) you really hate her Father Paul's (Hamish Linklater) sermons & monologues are masterful in building up the layers of darkness through passages of scripture too

    @mhare641 / Via Twitter: @mhare641


    Brilliant performances all round in #MidnightMass but for me the standout is Samantha Sloyan as Bev. 👑

    @EvolutionPod / Via Twitter: @EvolutionPod


    @flanaganfilm since sam sloyan has no social media please let her know that i was obsessed with her performances before and after midnight mass it's just escalated. definitely my favorite character and one of the best from the flanaverse

    @hillhaunting / Via Twitter: @hillhaunting


    There are so many compelling moments and scenes in #MidnightMass that I adored, but Samantha Sloyan is an absolute showstopper every second she's on screen.

    @CinephileSandra / Via Twitter: @CinephileSandra


    so glad samantha sloyan finally got a role that allowed her to shine!! such underrated gem of flanaverse

    @flanaverse / Via Twitter: @flanaverse


    i think we don't talk enough about how such a great and talented actress samantha sloyan is. 🤍

    @sincerelyvip / Via Twitter: @sincerelyvip


    I absolutely cannot stand Beverly in #MidnightMass. She’s literally the worst kind of people. Incredibly portrayed, too. Samantha Sloyan, wow.

    @thefilmnerdette / Via Twitter: @thefilmnerdette


    Samantha Sloyan is mesmerizing in #Midnightmas - I don’t even breathe when she’s in a scene

    @LizSnackHere / Via Twitter: @LizSnackHere


    Bev Keane represents those who choose to weaponise religion to keep the myth that everything is good and perfect, when really, there is something rotten going on and will look aside when all things heinous are happening in its name (Samantha Sloyan is THAT good) #MidnightMass

    @violetshortbrea / Via Twitter: @violetshortbrea

    So, are you absolutely bursting into flames for Sloyan's performance as Bev? Let us know in the comments below!