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    21 Tweets Confirming Our Obsession With Hamish Linklater On "Midnight Mass"

    Hot complicated priest.

    🚨Warning: Major spoilers for Midnight Mass ahead!🚨

    Mike Flanagan projects never really skim when it comes to meaningful character development, and Hamish Linklater's Father Paul is no exception in Netflix's Midnight Mass.

    Father Paul
    Eike Schroter / Netflix / Via

    Sure, we've got great characterization for Bev Keane, Sarah Gunning, and Riley Flynn, but the whole Father Paul arc is just...woof. 

    So, Father Paul. Where do we begin? He emerges in Midnight Mass as this charismatic, potentially unsettling guy who takes over for the elderly Monsignor Pruitt. At first he just seems invested in helping out the struggling island, doing things like gently nudging Riley and Joe to hold Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

    Riley and Father Paul
    Eike Schroter / Netflix / Via

    But, well, here's the rub: Father Paul isn't exactly Father Paul. He's actually, spoiler alert, the one and only Monsignor Pruitt, physically transformed after an encounter with a winged angel–slash–vampire creature munches on him in Damascus.

    Father Paul and church
    Eike Schroter / Netflix / Via

    As the story unfolds, we get a closer look at his character. He's someone who, as a man, is wrapped up in guilt about an extramarital affair, and someone, who, as a leader, believes that he's bringing good to Crockett Island with a *checks notes* vampire virus.

    Father Paul leaning back
    Eike Schroter / Netflix / Via

    If you found yourself increasingly compelled by Father Paul's sad, guilty expressions and earnest monologues, you're not alone. The internet has some serious (and occasionally thirsty) thoughts about Linklater in this stellar performance!


    the truth is.....hamish linklater is a hot priest in midnight mass

    Twitter: @gretchen_smail


    I too would be going to church everyday if it meant I got to hear a Hamish Linklater monologue

    Twitter: @RileyCassidy1 / Netflix


    Hamish Linklater is a force of nature, and I hope we work together for a long, long time.

    Twitter: @flanaganfilm

    Flanagan approved!


    We need to talk about Hamish Linklater as Father Paul. What a fucking spectacular performance he’s giving 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #MidnightMass @midnightmass @flanaganfilm This is horror at its finest.

    Twitter: @jasonralphfans / Netflix


    Midnight Mass I really liked quite a bit. It's Flanagan's straight-from-the-heart, ambitious passion project that's occasionally messy and uncontrolled in ways I enjoy from a project of its nature. Also, man, Hamish Linklater is one talented actor.

    Twitter: @WakeInShite / Netflix


    Hamish Linklater is taking us to church as Father Paul in Midnight Mass! #MidnightMass #hamishlinklater #youbetterpreach

    Twitter: @lodge_cassie


    Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass is an incredible exploration of religion, death, and what it means to walk the fine line between good and evil. Once again, he focuses on character conflict over spectacle and it works like a treat. Hamish Linklater as Father Paul steals the show!

    Twitter: @edckbar / Netflix / Eike Schroter


    #MidnightMass is dark, smart, well written & well acted so much so that when you hate Bev Keane (Samantha Sloyan) you really hate her Father Paul's (Hamish Linklater) sermons & monologues are masterful in building up the layers of darkness through passages of scripture too

    Twitter: @mhare641


    Hamish Linklater (Father Paul) in #MidnightMass quite simply needs to win every award available. That man put his EVERYTHING into that role & he shined. So much talent 👏🏼

    Twitter: @heyhopebarker


    midnight mass is going to haunt me for the rest of my life and goddamn hamish linklater as father paul is literally the single best casting decision i've ever seen

    Twitter: @tanviberwah


    I didn’t know who Hamish Linklater was until #MidnightMass and since then a day hasn’t gone by where I don’t think about one of his many performances as Father Paul.

    Twitter: @shannon_mcgrew


    Hamish Linklater made me want to quit acting. You stand there, watching this artist at work, wondering why the fuck you even got out of bed this morning. You’ll *never* be this good, so what’s the point of even trying? It’s taken months to recover from the imposter syndrome.

    Twitter: @RahulKohli13


    Twitter: @hoshi__kuzu / Netflix


    Hamish Linklater better win all the awards next year for his powerhouse performance in #MidnightMass @midnightmass

    Twitter: @rogueshine


    Hamish Linklater is delivering a powerhouse performance in this, a goddamn revelation! #MidnightMass

    Twitter: @offbeatcool


    The cast of #MidnightMass is phenomenal. But Hamish Linklater is a BEAST. He knows how to play every note of the music that Flanagan and the other writers wrote for him.

    Twitter: @ckvanderkaay / Eike Schroter / Netflix


    Staying spoiler free on MIDNIGHT MASS til more folks have seen it, but have to say: Hamish Linklater is downright amazing in it. Completely captivating.

    Twitter: @itsjonrobertson


    Me during Hamish Linklater’s Good Friday speech in #MidnightMass

    Twitter: @Turtleexo


    Twitter: @hoshi__kuzu / Netflix


    Today’s #MidnightMass rave is Hamish Linklater’s insidious knack for making you wonder exactly what side of good and evil he’s on. Also, props to the subtle, under-the-skin increases in terror as the episodes progress. Each installment ups the dread.

    Twitter: @damianholbrook


    Shout out to Hamish Linklater, electrifying performance. #MidnightMass

    Twitter: @ActuallyGoddard / Netflix

    Whether they're sinful, appreciative, or somewhere in between, let us know all your thoughts about Hamish Linklater as Father Paul below!