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    15 Reasons Why HBO Max's "Starstruck" Should Be At The Top Of Your Queue

    Give Rose Matafeo all the awards!

    Lately, you might be hearing some buzz about an utterly charming English rom-com series on HBO Max called Starstruck.

    If you love love, Starstruck is definitely worth checking out. Need some more convincing? We've gathered all the reasons why you should definitely add this witty series to the top of your queue!

    1. There are rom-com references everywhere!

    2. More specifically, we've got holiday rom-com vibes!

    3. With six 20-minute episodes, the series is actually super bingeable.

    4. It gives us a delightful mix of dry, witty, and goofy humor.

    5. Matafeo is *chef's kiss* as the lead.

    6. All of Jessie's victory dances.

    7. Patel is also an absolutely charming co-lead.

    8. And obviously, the chemistry that happens when you put him and Matafeo together!

    9. And, of course, Starstruck features a healthy dose of makeout sessions, if you've been a little love-deprived during quarantine.

    10. Speaking of hotness, Starstruck takes advantage of the female gaze for a refreshing take on the rom-com.

    11. Despite being influenced by classic rom-coms, Starstruck has a modern and chill sensibility to it.

    12. Jessie and Kate (Emma Sidi) have a realistic and funny friendship!

    13. Jessie's super-fabulous wardrobe.

    14. We've got people of color in meaningful lead roles!

    15. There's a second season in the works!

    You can stream Starstruck on HBO Max right now!