"Paddington 2" Beat Out "Citizen Kane" On Rotten Tomatoes, And The Internet Had Thoughts

    We can only imagine Mank giving us a hard stare.

    It's official, folks: Orson Welles's Citizen Kane, which has long been considered the greatest film of all time, has officially been dethroned by Paul King's Paddington 2, the widely beloved family classic.

    Charles Foster Kane in "Citizen Kane"

    Yup, Paddington 2 became the top rated film on Rotten Tomatoes after someone dug up and submitted a negative review of Citizen Kane from the Chicago Tribune.

    The 80-year-old review came from a critic at the Chicago Tribune who used the pseudonym Mae Tinee.

    The best part of this is that Citizen Kane JUST lost it's 100% because Rotten Tomatoes dug up this 80 year old "meh" review of it for no discernable reason.

    Twitter: @OculusImperia

    Part of the review reads, "It’s interesting. It’s different. In fact, it’s bizarre enough to become a museum piece. But its sacrifice of simplicity to eccentricity robs it of a distinction and general entertainment value.” Oof, guess they'd be taking marmalade over Rosebud.

    Citizen Kane now has 115 positive reviews and a single rotten one while Paddington 2 has 244 reviews, all of which are positive.

    Paddington on train

    History has been made and Paddington enthusiasts are tuning out the naysayers! Just take a look at Twitter for some of the most passionate reactions to this breaking film news.


    I do hope Mr Kane won't be too upset when he hears I've overtaken him with rotten tomatoes.

    @paddingtonbear / Via Twitter: @paddingtonbear


    @bradwhipple / Via Twitter: @bradwhipple


    please don’t misinterpret the adjusted Rotten Tomatoes rankings to mean that “Paddington 2 is now the best movie of all time.” Paddington 2 *already was* the best movie of all time. thank you. https://t.co/TmEbjUrWOA

    @davidehrlich / Via Twitter: @davidehrlich


    It’s time to start studying Paddington 2 in every film class https://t.co/85ZjJyyrvk

    @rejectedhannah / Via Twitter: @rejectedhannah


    Happy Paddington 2 crowned highest rated film of all time to all my friends :,)

    @sarahcassell / Via Twitter: @sarahrcassell


    Found a picture of the critic who wrote the negative CITIZEN KANE review

    @812filmreviews / Via Twitter: @812filmreviews


    paddington 2 has double the reviews as citizen kane. thus, it has been the Best Film since its release,, film bros can't pretend citizen kane held anything over it... embarassing! Paddington 2 Supremacy!

    @abbyshewrote / Via Twitter: @abbyshewrote


    Orson Welles, pictured here remembering the one negative Citizen Kane review in particular.

    @OculusImperia / Via Twitter: @OculusImperia


    @MovingImageNYC / Via Twitter: @MovingImageNYC


    @MNateShyamalan / Via Twitter: @MNateShyamalan


    Now that Paddington 2 had dethroned Citizen Kane on @RottenTomatoes we feel a poster update is in order

    @TheWrap / Via Twitter: @TheWrap


    paddington 2 >>>>> citizen kane

    @helen / Via Twitter: @helen


    from here on out we do not refer to masterpieces as “the CITIZEN KANE of ____” but as “the PADDINGTON 2 of _____”

    @DialHForHagai / Via Twitter: @DialHForHagai


    paddington bear has declared war against me

    @justbrizigs / Via Twitter: @justbrizigs


    When Paddington 2 takes your spot.

    @rclark98 / Via Twitter: @rclark98


    Me rushing to support Paddington in the Great Paddington VS. Citizen Kane Wars

    @ohcatrina / Via Twitter: @ohcatrina


    Do I need to see Citizen Kane 1 before I watch Paddington 2?

    @crmonks / Via Twitter: @crmonks


    @RingerDish / Via Twitter: @RingerDish


    as if paddington 2 being the best film ever was even up for debate

    @driftewood / Via Twitter: @driftewood


    Paddington being the king of polite shade 🐻

    @getFANDOM / Via Twitter: @getFANDOM


    I'm sorry but did Citizen Kane have a scene where a talking bear gives a man a haircut using marmalade as shaving cream? No? Then sit the fuck down, Citizen Kane. https://t.co/RBqvrXC0tP

    @agentbizzle / Via Twitter: @agentbizzle


    Citizen Kane is nothing in comparison to Paddington 2 and don’t you forget it

    @FunJohnJames / Via Twitter: @FunJohnJames


    Paddington dethroned Citizen Kane as revenge for Mank winning Oscars

    @hayleystjames / Via Twitter: @hayleystjames

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