19 Mabel Outfits On "Only Murders In The Building" That Are Fall Closet Goals

    BRB, building my cozy autumn detective closet right now.

    The whole premise with Hulu's Only Murders in the Building is that there's a killer afoot at The Arconia, but there's also a killer fashionista, too: Mabel, aka Selena Gomez herself!


    Mabel's style is a contradiction of sorts: It's bold and extravagant while also being low-key, giving her a somewhat ~mysterious~ vibe. Her character is built into her closet — she's witty but also unknowable in a way.

    Mabel in turtleneck

    On a practical level, her closet is actually pretty versatile and easy to recreate. Mabel wears many of the same pieces repeatedly, although she layers them in different ways to spice up her looks.

    Mabel in shearling coat

    It's miniskirts, turtlenecks, and shearling coats galore. Plus, we've got a beautiful (and timely) autumn palette of muted reds and yellows with dark neutrals.

    Mabel in orange coat

    Suffice to say, we're obsessed with all of Mabel's looks on Only Murders in the Building, so what better way to celebrate them than by picking out the very best ones? Keep reading ahead to revisit Mabel's standout sartorial moments on the show.

    1. This iconic orange fur coat and yellow sweater pairing that makes for a Big Bird chic look.

    Mabel in orange coat

    2. This cozy tan cardigan.

    Mabel and trash

    3. This elegant terracotta jumpsuit.

    Mabel in orange jumpsuit

    4. This new light brown teddy bear coat and preppy plaid scarf.

    Mabel in shearling coat and plaid scarf

    5. This failproof black turtleneck and tan suede skirt getup.

    Mabel in turtleneck and skirt

    6. This laid-back red mockneck sweater paired with faded jeans.

    Mabel in red mockneck

    7. This edgy burgundy PVC trench and the giant hoop rings.

    Mabel in shiny burgundy coat

    8. This relaxed red and gold duster.

    Mabel in robe

    9. This '70s-esque look consisting of a cream turtleneck and matching tan vest and pants.

    Mabel in tan vest and pants

    10. A longer rust orange fur coat with an all-black fit and giant hoop earrings.

    Mabel in orange fuzzy coat

    11. The said all-black outfit, which consists of a turtleneck and straight-fit pants reminiscent of something Audrey Hepburn would wear.

    Mabel in all black outfit

    Here's a closer look.

    Mabel in all black outfit

    12. The bowed paperbag pants!

    Mabel in paperbag pants

    13. This subtly checkered black jacket with white stitching.

    Mabel in trench

    14. This cozy navy sweater and yellow pants

    Mabel in blue sweater and cream pants

    15. These funky swirl-printed red pants.

    Mabel in printed pants

    16. This black pleather miniskirt!

    Mabel in skirt

    17. This soft black sweater and skirt look.

    Mabel in plaid skirt

    18. This effortless plaid skirt and cream turtleneck ensemble.

    Mabel in cream turtleneck and plad skirt

    19. The same fit with the light brown coat again.

    Mabel in shearling coat

    Were there any other iconic Mabel looks that we missed? Let us know in the comments below as we await her Season 2 fits!