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25 Movies That'll Cure Your Boredom In No Time At All

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Suddenly found yourself with extra time on your hands and want to break up the monotony, stat? Nip your boredom in the bud with a solid movie.

There's a time and place for a quiet, understated film, of course. But when you're seeking out a little drama and action, we recommend keeping it spicy with flicks that feature otherworldly, ridiculous, and out-there plots.

Luckily, you've come to the right place. Come along with us as we help you fill out your queue with some ~objectively~ fun movies.

Ahead, we've covered the bases for a wide range of genres, no matter if you’re a rom-com connoisseur, horror enthusiast, or anything in between.

1. Fear Street: 1994 (as well as the rest of the trilogy)

2. Palm Springs

3. Uncut Gems

4. Hamilton

5. Dirty Dancing

6. Birds of Prey

7. The Matrix

8. Sorry to Bother You

9. The Lovebirds

10. The Old Guard

11. National Treasure

12. The Avengers

13. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

14. Clueless

15. Parasite

16. Run

17. The Platform

18. I Care a Lot

19. Coco

20. Mamma Mia!

21. Shrek

22. 13 Going on 30

23. Turning Red

24. Fresh

25. A Simple Favor

What are other movies that’ll definitely help you break your boredom? Let us know in the comments below!