Ranking The Wildest Moments On "You" Season 3 From Freaky To "What The Actual Freak"

    Joe's toes.

    Well, hello, you. If you've managed to binge through season three of Netflix's You, congratulations for surviving all of that murder and mayhem.


    Without a doubt, there are a TON of wild moments in the third installation of this quaint dramedy about serial killers trying to find love and meaning in life.


    We don't come to You for Joe's hilariously pretentious narrations alone. We come for the twists and turns, and season three does not disappoint.


    If you're still emotionally processing the twists and turns this season, you're not alone. That's why we've decided to order the mind-boggling shenanigans that go down in season three from mildly bonkers to WTF — keep reading ahead for our official ranking.

    16. When Joe gets the measles.

    Joe in Matthew's house

    15. When Cary and Sherry give their TED talk.

    Cary and Sherry

    14. When Matthew cobbles together a little NSA surveillance system in his home.

    Matthew's surveillance system

    13. When Love hooks up with Theo.

    Love and Theo

    12. When Love leaves a gun inside of the cage, promising Cary and Sherry that the person who survives gets to leave.

    Love says she lets whoever lives out

    11. When Joe and Love dig up a dead body...with their kid hanging out in the back.


    10. When Theo survives after Love pushes him down a flight of stairs.


    9. When Love's mom burns down the vineyard while drunkenly looking after Henry.

    Glamma and Henry

    8. When Joe stabs Ryan to death.

    Joe killing Ryan

    7. When Joe sees his mom with his potential brother in a flashback.

    Joe's mom and boy

    6. When Love kills Natalie.


    5. When Love and Joe have that swinging session with the Conrads.

    Joe, Love, Cary, and Sherry

    4. When Love and Joe hook up after knocking out Cary and Sherry.

    Joe and Love

    3. Love's death.

    Love Quinn

    2. When Gil kills himself.

    Gil inside the cage

    1. When Joe cuts off his toes and prances off to Paris.

    Joe about to cut his toes off

    Were there any other weird season three moments that we totally missed? Let us know in the comments below.