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    20 Behind-The-Scenes Facts From "Bridget Jones's Diary" That You May Not Have Known

    "I like you very much. Just as you are.”

    Ding-dong! Bridget Jones’s Diary, one of the most definitive romantic comedies of the early aughts, is officially turning 20!

    It’s been a minute since the lovably awkward Bridget Jones first graced us with her candid thoughts.

    In recent years, the film's stars have continued to make the rounds in pop culture. Renée Zellweger recently won an Oscar for Judy, Hugh Grant terrified us in The Undoing, and Colin Firth has been costarring in the Kingsman movies.

    To celebrate one of the most seminal rom-coms of all time turning the big 2-0, let’s go through some fun behind-the-scenes facts about Bridget Jones’s Diary!

    1. Maguire sent out a knitting challenge to between 20 and 30 knitters to get Mark's ugly Christmas sweater just right.

    2. Besides perfecting an English accent (she’s Texan), Zellweger actually worked as a publishing assistant to get into the role and later invited her boss to be an extra in the launch party scene.

    3. The fight scene between Mark and Daniel was totally not choreographed.

    4. Flying through the window, however, required stunt doubles.

    5. The fight scene was supposed to be sexy.

    6. The Greek restaurant where they shot the fight scene was actually a fake one, but the public tried to book tables there!

    7. Bridget Jones’s Diary novelist Helen Fielding asked Salman Rushdie, who's a friend, to cameo in the movie.

    Salman Rushdie

    8. The snowy scenes at the beginning and end of the movie were inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life.

    9. But snow was fake because the production team actually filmed in the summer.

    10. Another artificial-snow fact: The production team filmed Bridget’s family home in the village of Snowshill in Gloucestershire, which they covered in fake snow.


    11. Since production didn't lock down the filming area, Zellweger very much ran out in the street without her pants in the closing scene — while buses and people were out and about.

    12. The ciggies that Bridget popped were actually herbal ones.

    13. Bridget’s friend Jude crying in the bathroom might remind you of a certain Harry Potter character. Shirley Henderson, who plays Jude, actually portrays Moaning Myrtle in Chamber of Secrets.

    14. The pole scene took place at the tallest firefighter’s pole in London — Zellweger was suspended by wires and had the support of a stuntperson in wide shots.

    Bridget Jones high on pole

    15. Her landing onto the camera almost didn't make it into the movie, though. At first, the crew didn’t film Bridget sliding down onto the camera — but Zellweger herself found a random pole, gathered the camera crew, and slid down onto the camera.

    16. Wine experts actually blamed the decline of chardonnay sales on Bridget Jones.

    17. The publishing house where Bridget works is called Pemberley Press — Pemberley is Mr. Darcy’s estate in Pride and Prejudice.

    Bridget smiles as she walks away from Daniel at the publishing house

    18. Fielding started Bridget Jones as a column in the Independent about single life before penning the novel.

    19. That said, some characters in the book and movie are based on people in Fielding's life. Shazza is based on Maguire, and Jude was inspired by journalist Tracey MacLeod.

    Bridget and her friends look at fight

    20. The Darcy estate is filmed at Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire, where Gosford Park and Kingsman: The Secret Service were also shot!

    Wrotham Park

    Here's a toast to Bridget Jones, whom we love just as she is. Let us know which adorably awkward Bridget Jones moment is your favorite in the comments below!