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    23 Moments On Season 2 Of "Love, Victor" That Solidified Our Love For Rahim

    Starting an OnlyFans to compliment him in an ASMR voice, BRB.

    Fair warning: We've got Season 2 spoilers ahead!

    Season 2 of Hulu's Love, Victor introduces us to arguably one of its best characters: Pilar's friend Rahim, who's portrayed by Anthony Keyvan.

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    We start with the idea that Victor would be a Simon (as in the Love, Simon Simon) to Rahim, but their friendship definitely grows into something more.

    Victor and Rahim at wedding
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    But whether or not you ship Rahim and Victor, Rahim's a force to be reckoned with all on his own, even if he doesn't really pop up until the sixth episode in Season 2. To appreciate the tour-de-force that's Rahim, we've compiled his very best moments so far!

    Rahim and Victor
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    1. When we first meet Rahim, and he's doing a TikTok video at work with Pilar.

    Rahim and Pilar dancing at work
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    2. When Rahim wonders if it's weird to text "Sincerely, Rahim" to Victor, who he reaches out to for advice about navigating his queer identity.

    Rahim texting Victor
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    Insert the pleading eyes emoji here!

    3. When he wears this iconic Blackpink shirt under his old-timey bowling shirt because his dad drove him to Pilar's.

    Rahim in Blackpink shirt
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    It's fab. 

    4. When Pilar introduces her family to Rahim.

    Pilar introduces Rahim to family
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    It's pithy.

    5. When Isa and Rahim start singing musical numbers at the dinner table.

    Rahim and Isabel singing
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    And then Isa gives Rahim advice for coming out to his parents!

    6. When he gives Victor last season's Saint Laurent for Old Navy so that Victor can go on a date.

    Rahim unbuttons shirt
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    And Rahim just so happens to casually take off his shirt. 

    7. When he pins down Pilar's crush on Felix.

    Pilar and Rahim hanging out
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    8. When he compares Pilar to J.Lo.

    Pilar and Rahim
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    They're so great at complimenting each other.

    9. When he goes all David Attenborough on Pilar at school.

    Pilar and Rahim
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    10. When he tells Pilar the cold, hard truth: that she's hot!

    Rahim tells Pilar she's hot
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    11. When he acts very cool after Victor realizes that he's in the photo room.

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    12. When Rahim casually mentions Benji's white privilege.

    Rahim and Victor in photo room talking about Benji
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    13. When he ships Victor and Benji.

    Victor and Rahim
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    We know it gets super complicated later, but he's a good friend!

    14. When he pretends to be Isabel on the phone with school administrators.

    Rahim on phone

    Of course, Isabel totally drags Victor later about the chimichanga food poisoning story, noting that they weren't Mexican. 

    15. When he convinces Victor to ditch school.

    Rahim tells Victor to fix his face and unclench his buttcheeks

    16. When he confesses to Victor about how his parents discovered that he googled some pretty racy things.

    Rahim and Victor eating out
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    17. When he explains to Armando that he was skipping school for the, erm, Muslim Festival of a Thousand Pistachios.

    Rahim explaining to Armando and date about festival
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    And, um, Shelby actually bought it?!

    18. When he convinces Victor to get a pedi with him.

    Rahim and Victor getting pedis
    Greg Gayne/Hulu / Via

    It's "Oh Oh Aubergine" for Rahim and a very wild clear for Victor.

    19. When he asks Victor to start an OnlyFans to compliment him in an ASMR voice.

    Rahim and Victor at cafe
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    Victor legitimately calls him tall, smart, and super handsome!

    20. When he and Victor sing Justin Bieber's "Holy" at the gay bar.

    Victor and Rahim singing
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    And low-key, they both sound amazing?! They could honestly give Benji's band a run for their money, TBH. 

    21. When Mrs. Salazar catches the two of them at the bar after tracking down Victor's phone.

    Isa confronts Rahim and Victor for ditching school.
    Patrick Wymore/Hulu / Via

    And Rahim tries to soften the blow by telling Isabel that vermilion is her color...

    22. When he and Victor slow dance at the wedding!

    Rahim and Victor slow dancing
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    23. And lastly, this tender little moment for the Vahim shippers!

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    Did Victor pick Benji or Rahim in the end?! Season 3 can't come soon enough! 

    What's your favorite Rahim moment? Let us know in the comments below!