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    15 Ji-Yoon Outfits From Netflix's "The Chair" That'll Give Dark Academia A Run For Its Money

    It's like Killing Eve in the style department, but minus the murder!

    Netflix's The Chair has such a distinct quirky, small-town liberal arts college feel to it, and one of the most prominent ways we get a taste of this is through Ji-Yoon's subtly brilliant wardrobe.

    Netflix / Via

    Everything feels so collegiate that you can virtually get a whiff of the dusty library books!

    Throughout the series, we see the wonderful Sandra Oh in power blazers, crisp dress shirts, and, of course, her signature gray duffle coat. Ahead, we've rounded up her best outfits and break down how they highlight her character's development throughout the show!

    1. Sandra Oh in a double-breasted blazer means BUSINESS.

    Ji-Yoon in blazer
    Netflix / Via

    The subtle tartan pattern on the gray suit and the bijoux hanging from her pointed collars are just the little details that turn this fit from drab to posh. She's the boss lady, and her style shows it.

    2. This is really the same fit sans the power blazer, but the pointed collars on the crisp white dress and high-waisted tan bottom are incredibly smart-looking!

    Ji-Yoon and Yaz
    Netflix / Via

    This look really looks waaaay more relaxed without the blazer. 

    3. A greige Fair Isle sweater is a basic in the best way!

    Ji-Yoon in Fair Isle sweater
    Netflix / Via

    Feels like something Cristina Yang would wear in Switzerland, ya know? 

    4. Again, it's the same outfit, but with Ji-Yoon's go-to gray wool duffle coat.

    Ji-Yoon and Joan
    Netflix / Via

    She's like a scholarly Paddington Bear. Also, can we give a shoutout to Joan's tiny round glasses?!

    5. The only time Ji-Yoon really dresses up is when she wears this smocked, mock-neck red shirt with sleek black pants and some dangly earrings.

    Ji-Yoon holding drink at faculty party
    Netflix / Via

    She cleans up nicely! 

    Same fit, but her iconic mane is down, and it suits the look so well!

    Ji-Yoon, Ju Ju, and Bill bowling
    Netflix / Via

    Look at these happy goobers!

    6. This understated charcoal sweater adds texture to her look, but also has an austere vibe that lets us know that something's about to go down...

    Ji-Yoon in wool sweater
    Netflix / Via

    Like a certain prestigious professor/romantic interest in her department getting dragged for a very inappropriate gesture!

    7. This fitted black suit that just screams that she's going to be the bearer of bad news for Bill.

    Ji-Yoon in black blazer
    Netflix / Via

    Very funeral director chic. 

    Now here she is with it in the gray coat!

    Ji-Yoon and Bill
    Netflix / Via

    Honestly, one of the most refreshing parts about The Chair is how true-to-life Ji-Yoon's wardrobe feels — she's often shifting around the same pieces and wardrobe colors. 

    8. Let's appreciate this very rare moment where Ji-Yoon sports color.

    Ji-Yoon talks to Bill and daughter
    Netflix / Via

    The pop of burnt red is bold, yet understated, and the tweed jacket with self-covered buttons adds a collegiate touch.

    9. This power blazer and black V-neck situation feels very true to Ji-Yoon's wardrobe.

    Ji-Yoon talking to Yaz
    Netflix / Via

    It's also super subtle, but the pinkish lines on her blazer also match with her rose-gold frames! Cute!

    10. This brown corduroy jacket serves extreme '70s vibes.

    Ji-Yoon and school administrators
    Netflix / Via

     Let's admire that gold chain and the texture of this jacket!  

    Here's a closer look as she's trying to talk reason with David Duchovny.

    Ji-Yoon at David Duchovny's house
    Netflix / Via

    11. A simple black tee is a staple, and you can definitely dress it up with shiny accessories like Ji-Yoon over here!

    Ji-Yoon in office
    Netflix / Via

    Subtle but effective!

    12. The black shirt paired with the plaid skirt and tan Chelsea boots is such a collegiate look.

    Ji-Yoon and Lila
    Netflix / Via

    It feels very much like Taylor Swift in her Folklore and Evermore era! Is this what the kids are calling dark academia these days?!

    13. The red boatneck tee here almost feels like a symbol, like Ji-Yoon knows that the jig is up and she no longer wants to kiss up to the Pembroke administration.

    Ji-Yoon in a meeting with the dean and Bill
    Netflix / Via

    It contrasts with the heavy gray, black, and brown palette in her wardrobe for sure!

    14. When she's no longer the chair, Ji-Yoon adopts a much more relaxed style that suits her warm and idiosyncratic personality.

    Ji-Yoon reads in class
    Netflix / Via

    She's still polished up here, but the bold print, prominent front placket, and loose ruffles on her blouse contrast strongly with some of the more prim and proper outfits she wears early on. 

    You wouldn't really spot her wearing loose, patterned clothes early on in the show!

    Netflix / Via

    15. And here's an understated fit to end the show on — her signature gray coat, a striped, textured scarf, and bam, a pop of red with her maroon pants!

    Ji-Yoon and Bill
    Netflix / Via

    What was your favorite fit from The Chair? Let us know in the comments below!

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