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    Can You Make It Through These 25 Dean Winchester GIFs Without Swooning?

    Bet you can't.

    1. Let's start with this smile.

    2. What about these pouty lips?

    3. Oh, be still my heart.

    4. Hellooooooooooo!

    5. Nope? Still nothing?

    6. How about now?

    7. Now?

    8. Surely now?

    9. Definitely now, right?

    10. Okay, come on.

    11. Just admit it already.

    12. You're starting to swoon.

    13. Just a little?

    14. Don't lie to me.

    15. Alright, fine. Have it your way then.

    16. Are you swooning now?

    17. Yes?

    18. <3 <3 <3

    19. He's just so cute!

    20. SERIOUSLY?!

    21. Brb, swooning.

    22. *Mouth waters*

    23. Dying from swoon overload.

    24. Dead.

    25. Indeed.