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9 Lies We All Tell Ourselves When Making New Year's Resolutions

"I'm actually gonna do them this year," said everyone ever.

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1. "I'm going to get into shape."

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Why it's a lie: You'll go to the gym for a few weeks in January, then stop.

2. "I'm going to go out and find myself a boyfriend/girlfriend."

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Why it's a lie: Odds are, you'll find the right person when you're not looking, just like your mom has told you a 1000 times already.

3. "I don't need to write them down, I'll remember them."

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Why it's a lie: You most certainly will not remember them. I mean, come on.

4. "I'm going to read more books."

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Why it's a lie: You're always hella busy and simply don't have the time.

5. "I'm going to finally get organized."

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Why it's a lie: LOL, yeah. Right.

6. "I'm going to focus more on school/work and less on Netflix."

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Why it's a lie: It's Netflix; it controls how you spend your time. Duh.

7. "I'll do one resolution a month, that way I accomplish 12 things during the year."

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Why it's a lie: You won't write them down, so you definitely won't remember what you're supposed to accomplish in October.

8. "I'm serious about them this year. They're going to happen."

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Why it's a lie: If you've already said this 10 times during your lifetime, then I doubt the 11th will be any different.

9. "I don't make New Year's Resolutions."

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Why it's a lie: Everyone has a goal they want to reach, you just may not specifically call it a "New Year's Resolution."

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