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51 Thoughts You Have When Cheating On Your Diet

It's a slippery slope.

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1. No, I don't need that.

2. But, it looks so damn good.

3. Just one wouldn't hurt, right?


5. What am I even saying?!

6. I've worked so hard; I can't give in now.

7. My cheat day was two days ago.

8. And, I cheated yesterday, too.

9. Ugh, why is dieting so.freaking.hard.

10. I want that cookie,

11. And cake.

12. And pie.

13. Oh God, I'm Dean Winchester.


14. But, how does he stay so damn fit?!


16. I can eat this dessert and then do 100 squats.

17. Well, maybe just 50.

18. Or 5.

19. Now, I just want a nap.

20. This is stressing me out.

21. I could just not include it in my calorie counting app.

22. My friends will never know. *Maniacal laughter*

23. NO!

24. I always do this. I gotta get some self-control.

25. "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels."

26. Who's the moron that came up with that?!

27. Have they never tasted pizza, burgers, chocolate?

28. Were they not hugged as a child or something?

29. Screw it, I'm just gonna eat it.

30. I don't have any other plans for today.

31. I'll just go to the gym after I eat this sugar-infested deliciousness.

32. I mean, you only live once, right?

33. Life's too short.

34. Great, now I'm saying cliches.


35. You know, maybe the nutritional facts aren't really that bad.

36. I'm probably worrying about nothing.

37. Yep, nope. They're bad. Oh, so bad.

38. Wait, half a serving is 200 calories?!

39. Why'd I even go on a diet anyway?

40. Metabolism, where did you go, old friend?

41. If salads tasted like candy, I'd be more inclined to eat them.


43. I love fruits and vegetables as much as the next person, but that Chocolate Molten Lava Cake from Chili's is sooooo good.

44. Ugh, I can't even go to Red Lobster anymore because I eat 5 of those cheesy biscuits.

45. Why must the struggle be so real?!

46. Okay, if I eat this today, I can't have ANYMORE desserts this week.

47. Yeah, that sounds like a fair bargain.

48. Right?

49. Good enough for me!

50. It'll just be my little secret, and I won't do it again.

51. Until tomorrow.

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