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    38 Reasons "Good Burger" Is The Funniest '90s Movie Ever

    "I'm a dude! He's a dude! She's a dude! 'Cause we're all dudes! HEY!"

    1. It's an All That skit-turned-movie!

    2. It has Nickelodeon's best '90s duo!

    3. Strawberries + Jacuzzies = Hilarity

    4. This fantastic icebreaker.


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    Nickelodeon / Via


    6. The only appropriate music to play when meeting Shaq.

    7. One of the most relatable gifs in history.

    8. Massive amounts of shade throwing.

    9. This honest answer.

    10. When "no" means no.

    11. This amazing line.

    12. Nickelodeon Master Dan Schneider as Mr. Baily.

    13. Sinbad.

    14. Josh Server as Fizz.

    15. Spatch.

    16. Floating hamburgers.

    17. TALKING hamburgers.

    18. This deep conversation.

    19. The unintended sass.

    20. Grape Nose Boy.

    21. These futuristic outfits.

    22. Hamburger pyramid.

    23. These makeshift weapons.

    24. This badass car.

    25. This totally appropriate first date question.

    26. This psychopath.

    27. Before "grinder" had a new meaning.

    28. The mailbox running gag.

    29. This random dance scene.

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    Nickelodeon / Via

    Like, someone was hired to choreograph this. Amazing.

    30. This entire dialogue.

    31. This confusion.

    32. Ed's reading abilities.

    33. Mini-Golf > Talking.

    34. This "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" vibe.

    35. Ed's secret place.

    36. These random clowns.

    37. The "Dude" song.

    38. And, of course, this.

    Good Burger is available on Netflix Instant!