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    35 Signs You're Reese From "Malcolm In The Middle"

    You're not the oldest, smartest, or weirdest, but you're definitely unique!

    1. You don't enjoy reading.

    2. You don't take shit from anyone.

    3. You suck at math.

    4. You ask the important questions.

    5. You're not afraid to point the finger.

    6. You're untrustworthy.

    7. You're not always the brightest crayon in the box.

    8. You clearly watch a lot of "Scooby-Doo."

    9. You do shit like this.

    10. You sometimes lack confidence.

    11. You give ultimatums.

    12. You have to work for your food.

    13. You're probably not a feminist.

    14. You sometimes dress in drag.

    15. Your life isn't going well right now.

    16. You never back down from a fight.

    17. You see your shot and take it.

    18. You're an inventor.

    19. You're a lone wolf.

    20. You're not afraid of water.

    21. You're not the best cheerleader.

    22. You have to put up with this.

    23. You have killer abs.


    24. Again, you see your shot and take it.

    25. You have existential crises.

    26. You're not afraid to punch a bitch.

    27. You're young.

    28. You don't always think things through.

    29. You're a dedicated chef.

    30. You should be treated like royalty.

    31. You flirt with danger.

    32. You've been beaten by a girl.

    33. You do things that confuse cops.

    34. You love pizza.

    35. And finally, your name inspires a pun like this.

    We love you, Reese!