31 Times Shirley From “Community” Didn’t Play Around

Oh, that’s nice.

1. When she did this for Jewish Annie.



2. When she used this threat.

Honestly, I don’t even know what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.

3. When she had this nickname.


Does that sound like someone you wanna mess with? NOPE.

4. When she described Britta and Annie.

NBC / Via imgur.com

Mmmhmmm. *Head twirl*

5. When she partied, she partied.


Go big or go home, amirite?!

6. When she knew not to ask questions.

NBC / Via imgarcade.com

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

7. When sometimes she just had to shoot a bitch.

Cross or no cross.

8. When her mad face game is strong.

Oh, damn.

9. When she beat this kid with a candy cane.

NBC / Via rebloggy.com

10. When she said this about Jeff.

NBC / Via wifflegif.com

Choosing a fight instead of a Christmas party? That’s a no-no.

11. When she knew you were lying.

NBC / Via wifflegif.com

Try again, punk.

12. When she gave this ultimatum.

NBC / Via giphy.com

Yeaaaaaah, see ya, Pierce.

13. Again with the ass threats.

NBC / Via imgur.com


14. When she pulled off Samuel L. Jackson better than Samuel L. Jackson.


“Does he look like a bitch?” Yep, and one I don’t wanna mess with.

And then she said this.

15. When she didn’t take shit from anyone.

NBC / Via giphy.com

Leonard has a crooked wang, anyway.

16. When she became an alcoholic.


17. When she gave this judgy face in the G.I. Joe episode.


Bitch, please.

18. When she asked the questions everyone’s thinking.

Dean Pelton, that is not how you calm a woman in labor.

19. When she had enough of your shit.

20. When she got into foosball.

NBC / Via imgarcade.com

Look out, Germans.

I mean really got into it.


Jeez, it’s only a game.

21. When she admired the male body.

I prefer Joel McHale’s, but that’s just me.

22. When she said this to Leonard.




23. When she had her eyes on you.

24. When she practically ordered a hit on Jeff.

25. When she told a scary story.

NBC / Via gifwave.com

26. When she said this to Abed.

Oh, boy.

27. When she spoke the truth in her speech.

NBC / Via giphy.com


28. When she’d had enough of Britta.


29. When she stood her ground.

NBC / Via giphy.com

Seems legit.

30. When she threw shade.

Seriously one of the show’s best lines.

31. When she made this face.

Yeah, she definitely means business.

Stay a boss, Shirley! You do it well.

NBC / Via wifflegif.com

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