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21 Nickelodeon-Themed Gifts For People Who'd Rather Live In The '90s

It was a simpler time.

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1. This Are You Afraid of the Dark? board game.

mfein101 / Via

2. This alarm clock/radio.

scarecrow6590 / Via

3. This Gak Inflator.

KriBriThom / Via

4. This Spike from Rugrats plushie.

doktorteeth / Via

5. These trading cards.

DoNotWearShoes / Via

6. This Aaahh!!! Real Monsters frisbee.

TotallyRetroToys / Via

7. This notepaper that looks like toilet paper.

MeatRiot / Via

8. These Rugrats bed sheets and pillowcases.

WoodsBackintheDay / Via

9. This Hey Arnold! amigurumi.

VitaminJoyStitches / Via

10. This Kenan & Kel necklace.

milkandpookie / Via

11. These Doug shoes.

SparrowBridge / Via

12. This pendant from Legends of the Hidden Temple.

MyPartyShirt / Via

13. This The Secret World of Alex Mack calendar.

amazinginc / Via

14. This Ren from Ren & Stimpy plushie.

You can also buy Stimpy here.
fbcaminta / Via

You can also buy Stimpy here.

15. This GUTS Super Nintendo video game.

Nintendo / Viacom / Via

16. These 1995 issues of Nickelodeon Magazine.

kaiju_toys_art_prints / Via

17. This Double Dare ticket.

Wolfgang's Vault / Via

18. This famous quote from Kenan & Kel.

ThimbleAndBobbinUK / Via

19. This Cousin Skeeter finger puppet.

qc01654 / Via

20. This Hey Arnold! soft football.

timscomics / Via

21. This All That book.

betterworldbooks / Via

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