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    20 Wise Lessons You Learned From "Stand By Me"

    I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?

    1. We all want a fresh start.

    2. Chase your dreams.

    3. Always remember our veterans.

    4. Never stop having fun.

    5. Seize every opportunity.

    6. Make important decisions carefully.

    7. There's always time for sass.

    8. Listen to all sides of a discussion.

    9. THIS.

    10. Be proud of your accomplishments.

    11. Stand up for the people you love.

    12. Possess self-confidence.

    13. Have faith.

    14. Support your friends and family.

    15. Don't forget to do this.

    16. Keep your promises.

    17. Ask questions until you get an answer.

    18. Enjoy some peace and quiet.

    19. Avoid dangerous situations.

    20. Lastly, love the people in your life.