20 Important Life Lessons From The Movie “Just Friends”

“My name is Chris Brander. You remember that name because I’m gonna be somebody!”

1. Everyone deserves a fresh start.

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2. Be confident.

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3. Worrying is pointless.

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4. Don’t force something.

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If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. At least, that’s what I’m told.

5. Being sorry involves actions not words.

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6. Don’t lose sight of reality.

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7. Don’t commit murder.

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Seriously, just don’t.

8. You’re gonna screw up from time to time.

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And that’s OKAY.

9. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Even if it’s a little weird or scary.

10. Make time for yourself.

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11. Ignore the haters.

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They’re not worth your time.

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12. Sometimes, being friendzoned happens.

New Line Cinema

It sucks, but you gotta move on.

13. Always, always, always remember this.

New Line Cinema

Take it from someone’s who’s been there.

14. Try and relax.

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15. Goof off now and then.

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16. Connect with your family.

New Line Cinema

They may drive you bat-shit crazy, but you still love ‘em.

And never leave arguments unresolved.

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You’ll regret it later.

17. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

New Line Cinema / Via capriamovies.tumblr.com

Supposedly, they’re better for you than french fries. Supposedly.

But don’t forget to indulge from time to time.

New Line Cinema / Via thestar.com

Life’s too short.

18. Prepare to be rejected.

New Line Cinema / Via jjb.yuku.com

No one gets everything they want (unless you’re Paris Hilton).

Because life’s gonna hurt you at times.

New Line Cinema / Via wifflegif.com

But you’ll get through it.

19. Enjoy the little things.

New Line Cinema

20. And most importantly:

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