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    18 Stages Of Getting A Computer Virus

    "Hello, Doctor? Yeah, my computer's very, very sick."

    1. Work on your computer as normal.

    The sun is shining, the Wi-Fi's connected. I'm so happy!

    2. Begin to realize something is off.

    Hmm, my computer's running a little bit slower than normal. Should I be concerned?

    3. Denial.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Nah, it's fine. I'm sure it's fine. Of course it's fine. It better be fine...

    4. Enter the Land of a thousand pop-ups.

    James Kerr / Via


    5. Momentarily lose it.

    Cartoon Network Studios

    Why why why? Why me? I pay my taxes on time. I call my grandparents. I feed the pigeons in the park. I'M AN OVERALL GOOD PERSON.

    6. State the problem out loud.

    20th Television

    It's a...a...a virus. *Wails in background*

    7. Think about the past hour you've spent on the computer.

    Collegehumor / Via

    All right, let's see. I went to Facebook, Twitter, Disney Channel's website (they have fun games tbh), but I mean, I never went to any porn sites.

    8. Realization.

    20th Television

    Wait a sec. You mean to tell me my computer got a virus — and I didn't even get any porn outta it?! What a ripoff.

    9. Go to your anti-virus software.

    Warner Bros. Pictures


    10. Run a full-scan on your anti-virus software.

    20th Century Fox

    It.found.nothing. Really? Nothing?!

    11. Attempt to Google the problem you're having.

    Miramax Films

    Lemme just try and dodge these 43737350834849 pop-ups while I look for a solution.

    12. Call that one friend who knows all about computers.

    Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    "Doctor, I NEED YOU."

    13. Friend tries to walk you through the problem via phone.

    The CW

    OK, you want me to go to where and click on what exactly?

    14. Tell your friend this isn't working and try calling Tech Support.


    Please let me get someone whose accent I can understand.

    15. Can't understand employee's accent.


    Oh boy. This is gonna take awhile.

    16. After one (or 5+) hours, your virus is ~hopefully~ all gone.

    New Line Cinema

    Bro, I've no idea what you did, but I could kiss you right now.

    17. OR, the virus was so malevolent, it couldn't be removed.

    Walt Disney Pictures

    So, you had to lose every.damn.thing. on your computer because of it.

    18. Either cry tears of relief, or tears of complete and total sadness.

    Summit Entertainment


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