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    18 Stages Of Getting A Computer Virus

    "Hello, Doctor? Yeah, my computer's very, very sick."

    1. Work on your computer as normal.

    2. Begin to realize something is off.

    3. Denial.

    4. Enter the Land of a thousand pop-ups.

    5. Momentarily lose it.

    6. State the problem out loud.

    7. Think about the past hour you've spent on the computer.

    8. Realization.

    9. Go to your anti-virus software.

    10. Run a full-scan on your anti-virus software.

    11. Attempt to Google the problem you're having.

    12. Call that one friend who knows all about computers.

    13. Friend tries to walk you through the problem via phone.

    14. Tell your friend this isn't working and try calling Tech Support.

    15. Can't understand employee's accent.

    16. After one (or 5+) hours, your virus is ~hopefully~ all gone.

    17. OR, the virus was so malevolent, it couldn't be removed.

    18. Either cry tears of relief, or tears of complete and total sadness.